Greenlight Power, Inc. 
is a Filipino owned company that offers Electrical works, Fabrication of Engineered Electrical Products and Trading of Electrical Equipments for its customers.

GPI is now its 13th year in Business. Evident to its success are the awards and certification from Government bodies recognizing GPI’s contribution to society as well as to the Philippine Economy.




From its humble beginning as husband and wife venture in 2004, GPI to date has a growing roster of clients ranging from individual to Triple A contractors, from households to publicly-listed corporations. The basic ingredients to its growth are: clear vision, determination, discipline, and faith (in self and in God).

From small beginnings come great things. GPI started when its founder, inspired by Kiyosaki and driven by his aspiration to contribute employment to the society, decided to put up an electrical engineering company which aims to make contributions for the advancement and welfare of humanity. Through the years, the company Vision, Mission and Values serve as compass giving direction to where the organization is heading. Integrity, honesty, fairness, humility, and teamwork are among the primary principles the whole team adheres to in providing excellent service and quality products to its clients.

Equally important as clients, GPI continuously nurture good business relationship with its suppliers primarily through well-managed credit lines and terms.

As part of its pillars, the company gives importance to its most valuable resources – its people. Its concern to the employees transcends through whole-person dimensions– physical, emotional, mental and social. The management sees to it that the needs of employees are attended to through instilling proper values and principles, giving appropriate compensation package and opportunity to continuously improve through seminars and trainings. Since 2004, it has been the company’s commitment to provide meaningful work for its growing number of employees. The team also projects a fun working environment, thus, making work enjoyable resulting to low attrition rate over the years.

GPI also gives importance in taking care of its environment. It continues to support UNICEF by giving donations and launched several CSR projects such as participation in runs for a cause, tree planting and providing relief goods to calamity casualties.

GREENLIGHT POWER, INC. commits to continuously provide quality products and services to its clients and shall constantly seek to improve quality and productivity for the achievement of its vision to be the most preferred world-class Electrical Contractor and Supplier in the Philippines by the year 2020.



We are the most preferred world-class Electrical Contractor and Supplier in the Philippines by the year 2020.


To make contributions for the advancement and welfare of humanity by:

  • Satisfying our customer’s needs for excellent quality services and outstanding value of products.
  • Enhancing good relations with customers, employees, suppliers, shareholders and the communities we serve.
  • Constantly and aggressively seeking to improve quality and productivity in all we do.
  • Creating a high quality work force with equal opportunities for all.
  • Caring for the environment.


We adhere to the following principles:

  • Spirit of Integrity and Trustworthiness
  • Spirit of Service through Industry, Perseverance, Initiative and Sense of Urgency
  • Spirit of Striving for Continuous Progress and Innovation
  • Spirit of Cooperation and Teamwork
  • Spirit of Fairness
  • Spirit of Harmony with Natural Law
  • Spirit of Courtesy & Humility
  • Spirit of Gratitude


We, at Greenlight Power, Inc. are dedicated to be one of the leading electrical contractors and suppliers in the Philippines through organizational excellence and continual improvement. We sustain company growth and development through building strategic relationships with our stakeholders, satisfying our customers’ needs for quality products and services, constantly improving and innovating our processes, and creating a highly-motivated workforce with equal opportunities.

It is our belief that quality is everybody’s responsibility. Hence, we commit to review our quality management system for continuing suitability and compliance to requirements.